Review of Abduction by Robbie

Abduction! By Peg Kehret

I decided to read this book due to how the paragraph on the back of the book pulled me in, and gained my interest almost immediately. The art on the cover also set an intense scene which motivated me to read the book.

Before I started the book, I researched it online as I normally do before I begin a book. I do this so I can understand the background of the story. From the source I read off of, they made it clear that this book was directed towards younger kids, mostly 5,6,7 graders. However, I was first introduced into this book from one of my friends from my old school, who kept urging me to read it. I listened to his recommendation and read the book.

This book is set in several places in the US, mostly focused on one family called the Sholters. After the youngest in the family, Matt, was abducted, the family was in shock. They had no single clue or idea who kidnapped him. Matt’s kidnapper knew why he wanted Matt, and he does exactly so, leaving barely any clues behind him. Thus, creating a suspenseful plot, making the book nearly impossible to put down.

After reading the book for what seemed like five minutes, I looked up at the clock and realized I have been so into the book that I was reading it for already an hour. The story was extremely satisfying to read, with extremely realistic characters and a one-of-a kind story line.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is into suspenseful, thrilling books.


Should Indian Mascots Be Banned? by Robbie

Should Indian mascots be banned? This question is very controversial.

In my opinion, some mascots are very offensive such as the Washington Redskins mascot or the Cleveland Indian mascots, but I do not think that all mascots should be banned. For example, I do not think that the Chicago Blackhawks should be banned because they are ACTUALLY honoring a group of Native Americans, and they are not stereotyping.

I also do not think that the Atlanta Braves should be banned because there is nothing offensive either with their mascot. Many people think of the word “redskin” as a curse word, such as the n-word, which shows how terrible the Washington Redskins’ mascot is. Also, if you look at the Cleveland Indians, the mascot has a bright red face, and is named Chief Wahoo. This means idiot. I hope many people can take into consideration my viewpoint.