Forfeit Your Soul by Logan


In the book “American Born Chinses” by Gene Luen Yang the herbalist wife says “It’s easy to become anything you wish, so long as you’re willing to forfeit your soul.” She said this to really make Jin think about who he is. First, she means that if you want something you have to put everything into it. If you really love something and you want it then you aren’t just going to have it handed to you, you have to work for it. Also I Don’t think it’s wrong to get something you want if you’re working hard for it. Second, by working hard for what you want it can change the way you see things. You might give up your soul for fame, money, or love. Or maybe you would give it up for something you love doing. Also in the book we see over and over that Jin wants to forfeit his soul to be cool. All Jin wants is to be an all American White boy, and it seems like he would do anything to have it. That’s something he would forfeit is soul for. I wouldn’t forfeit my soul for anything because if love who I am too much and already have everything I could need. I think that Jin needed to see that he shouldn’t just give up who he is so easily. He needed to see that being popular isn’t all that matters. Third, we as readers see how much Jin changes throughout the book. We also se how much wanting something and giving up who you are for it can effect a person. Latter in the book Jin sees who he really is and that he shouldn’t forfeit his soul for something that doesn’t really matter.


Jin’s Young Life by Francisco


American Born Chinese, page 194


American Born Chinese, page 193









America Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang, Jin, the main character changes himself to fit in with his peers and changes in order to talk to Amelia. When he went to Mayflower Elementary, he was bullied because of his American Chinese heritage. Some people don’t like people that are dressed differently. First, he changes what he eats. Then changes his hair and then he completely changes into Danny. It is impossible to completely change who you are because you cannot escape your culture. It might be possible to change where you live or who you live with, but you can change things like celebrating the same holidays from where you’re from. Herbalist wife told Jin to forfeit his soul, which Jin didn’t do until he was mad and stressed about his looks and who he wanted to be. Jin later told the wife to change him into Danny so he could start talking to Amelia. So you should never change who you are because you are unique in your own way and there isn’t anyone the same in the whole world.



Acquiescence by Zoe



American Born Chinese, page 194


American Born Chinese, page 29




 In the book American Born Chinese written by Gene Luen Yang the characters are all trying to change themselves to fit into whichever category they fell they fall into socially. Jin, a second generation Chinese American aspires to be the perfect all-American boy. He see the other white boys who are popular and have girlfriends and associates their race and the style with becoming popular and getting friends. He starts by getting a perm just as he had seen the popular boy do. After realizing that the perm didn’t make him any cooler he transforms into Danny; the perfect all-American boy with friends who fits in with everyone else in is school. The Monkey King is a god who tries to go to a party but is not let in after he is told he needs shoes to get in. Even though putting on shoes was an easy fix he takes this comment of needing shoes as an attack on his character and decides to change himself. He trains and masters that art of kung fu hoping that he will be able to fit in with the other gods. Throughout his training however he changed himself not only physically but fundamentally as a person. He traps himself in a mountain for 500 years trying to get back to who he used to be, his true self. In the end however the characters both realize that being who they truly are is the only way they can be happy. Changing themselves wasn’t the way to go because by changing your self you are essentially forfeiting your soul in the words of the herbalist’s wife ( a character in the book) . After both characters return to who they used to be they have a newfound appreciation for themselves and their personal identities.

To Be Yourself by Ade


American Born Chinese, page 149

From the American Born Chinese, Gene Luen Yang through the story of the Monkey King teaches readers the importance of being ourselves. Although he is already a king, the Monkey King want to be a god.  he wants to all of monkey wear shoes at first time. When Monkey King met the monk, the monk said “Find your real self.” He teaches Monkey King to accept his “true form” and be happy as a monkey. Monkey King decided to change himself. When he finds Tze-Yo-Tzuh to ask why created him, Tze-Yo-Tzuh said “I created you, you just a monkey, a real monkey.” Monkey King learn something from monk and Tze-Yo-Tzuh. He started to be real self, he learns Kung-Fu and magic, he knows what a monkey he is. Finally, Monkey King teaches Jin to accept himself, to be a real boy as when monk teaches him before.

This part also teaches me to be myself, just like me, I don’t need to be somebody. My own way will different as others.