Banned Books by Francisco

Books are banned all around the world. I don’t think books should be banned. Because we they are people’s books and we are pretty much saying their book is bad. Also they made that book so people would appreciate their work. People think they are not appropriate for kids. Kids are old enough to understand that some of the things that happen in the book isn’t real. And kids are old enough to know a bad word and inappropriate stuff. Then their work will all go to waste. They worked hard to make books for people to read. But people don’t appreciate them and they work on books for years. So don’t make your opinion be everyone’s keep it to yourself so other people can read the book.


Book Banning by Eden

Personally, I love books that involve a lot of real life situations, and considering I cannot read that at school angers me. I feel like younger children should know this, considering that they read about it online. For example, there is a quote I use every day that is, “At this moment, there is a child holding a book and a child holding a gun, but only one of them is banned for its use of the n word.”. Children can have guns, but not books? Second example is how without these books in the middle school environment, they are living in a fantasy. An example is, is how without books in their lives, all they will know is their phone or laptop or television. Why can children have violent games and be influenced by bad people online, but not read a bad word in a book?  Lastly, going off of this topic, is how without books, all children will know is their electronics. An example is, is how 2nd graders now have phones and laptops. To close off, a question I have you think about is why can children do this violence, and it is influenced by their electronics, but the government thinks its books that they are reading, faults?

Banned Books By: Joshua

I do not agree with the banning of books. As a current middle school student, I don’t agree with the banning of reading material. Anyone should be able to read whatever they want no matter what because this is a free country which allows us to read what we want. There is nothing wrong with liking a book that other people don’t agree with. I feel now a day people have a diverse perspective on a lot of things and books is one of them, but it’s not ok to take that and put it on everyone else. For example, when a mother doesn’t like a book and tells all the teachers and parents and tries to get it taken out. But really that only involves her and her child, and those other parents might not care if their child reads that. On the other hand, parents and teachers are just looking out for us and want the best for us. For instance, a book includes language, narcotics and violence and a parent and child don’t want to read that. That is the right time to remove it from your surroundings or your home but nobody else’s because everyone has different standards. To conclude, I would say that everyone has their own opinion and should just help their family first. Instead of taking their personal issues to other people.

why we should not ban books (Annabelle)

As a middle scholar who loves to read I believe books should not be banned, I think anyone should be able to read anything  as long as they can understand and handle the content. Also if you don’t want your kid to read something go over it with them and talk about what you want for them as a reader. For example some Muslim books have been banned because people think it promotes tsarism.  Not everything is perfect in the world we live in, I believe story’s about real life’s help students learn about the world through other peoples experiences. Some of the other reasons people have banded books are because they have violence, a political bias another one is presence of witchcraft, harry potter by J. K. Rowling is one of the most popular books in America but did you know it used to be banned. Instead of banning books people should chose the things they want their kids to read but leave them for those who do want to read them.



Banning Books by Logan

Some people think that certain types of books should be banned for different reasons, however they would be wrong. When people ban a book it creates hate. We live in a very diverse world where we need to understand all types of people. Banning books takes away from the diversity. Another reason is that in a democracy people should not be allowed to make individual choices for all. If parents don’t want their kids to read that book then they should keep the books away from their kids, not the world. If schools don’t agree with a book then they should take them out of their library’s, or tell the kids what books to read. Banning Books limits the range of books, diverse voices, and variety of experiences. If we keep banning books then there will only be one type of book left to read. Everyone likes different types of books; we need a variety of books. If we ban books for one bad thing then there won’t be much left to read. Instead of banning books people should just stop reading books they don’t agree with. We shouldn’t ban books because everyone has the right to read whatever they want.


Book Banning by Alec

People banning books has become an increasing issue in our country and it needs to be stopped. One reason is that a few people shouldn’t be able to control everybody’s choices. Parents have a right to censor books for their kids, not all of America. Also, people have a right to a freedom of choice for books in America. Another reason is the banning books limits diversity in books and is actually detrimental to learning. Kids in school won’t be able to learn subjects like colonial America, terrorism, and books about war. Also, many people use books to learn about subjects, so they won’t even have a basic understanding for a certain topic that is being mentioned. A third reason is that many people prefer to read about an uncomfortable subject rather than being told by someone. For example, lots of people don’t like to talk about terrorism, and they’d much rather read a book. People that do prefer to read about won’t have that option if we ban books about or that even mention terrorism and other controversial subjects. In conclusion, just a few people shouldn’t be able to ban books for all because it limits diversity, choices, and actually promotes unfairness and fear.