Where I Am From… by Sanjeevani P.

I was born under the Golden Gate,
Surrounded by the fun and
Love of everyone around me.
I am from the Swedish,
Cold, the Indian heat,
And the CKP caste.
I am from hospital to hospital,
From doctor to doctor,
From the one who can fix me.
I am from the operations
And the first pet.
I am from my sister’s love,
From our energetic exited self.
I am from the presents, eggs and new dresses.
From the green Jell-O to dollhouses,
I am from the saris and the bangles,
From the long plane rides and over populated trains.
I am from the Cheesy,
Sweaters, pictures and fun holidays,
From the smell of sweets, and fish
From the burst of color,
And the beam of light.
I am from the motivational love,
Between my family friends and me.