Autism By: Joshua

Have you ever experienced life with an autistic family member? I have not but in the book Rules a girl named Catherine does. Catherine lives with her autistic brother and does not enjoy it. On some levels, I would agree with Catherine but on the dislike, I do not agree. Recently we were lucky enough get the point of view from an autistic person her name was Rosie King. At the begging she talked about her experiences, and what it was like to be autistic. But she also talked about all of the upsides as well, and it opened my mind a lot and flooded my brain with thoughts. On the other hand, we heard from Grace Bourne, she has an autistic brother and does not agree with Catherine. Grace talked about how awesome her brother was and all of the amazing things he did. She also talked about some of the scarier times as well which was interesting to hear from her point of view.  To conclude, I would like to say do not judge people from the outside, become there friend and get to know them no matter what.


Why Aren’t Differences Embraced? by Anna

It seems that in our society today, we try so hard to change people that we consider “different.” First of all, people with differences are constantly alienated and avoided because nobody wants to leave their comfort zone. For instance in the short story “Movement,” Hannah’s parents want to give an operation to their own daughter so they can treat her autism, even if it means Hannah will lose her gifts. Also, in the speech by Rosie King, she mentions how nobody wanted to be friends with the autistic girl, and she was avoided. Along with that, people with disabilities possess certain traits or gifts that are unique to them.

For example, in the story “Movement,” Hannah has the ability to memorize facts and numbers effortlessly, and dance beautifully, like no other. Additionally, in Rosie King’s speech, she mentions her extremely vivid imagination, and how she can find herself in many different worlds at the same time. Finally, if people were more accepting, they could build very strong friendships with others, and understand how their brain works. In the book Rules, Catherine makes the decision to befriend Jason, a boy with disabilities; and she ends up building a strong and true friendship with him. Also, in the article Neurotribes, Hans Asperger gave a group of autistic kids a chance, only to find out that they had a brilliantly different way of thinking and understanding. In conclusion, I believe that people should definitely try going outside their comfort zones, and exploring the minds and personalities of those considered “different.”

Autism By Francisco

By learning about the experiences of autistic people, we can build more respect for them. First of all just because some people are non-verbal does not mean they are not intelligent. For example, people make fun of them because some of them can speak properly. Also, they can’t do the same things as other people so they are bullied for not being able to do things like sports. Autistic people do not pick up all the life skills right away but are capable if given the right structure. They know a lot of stuff but they can’t show it so they have to go to a special school. And because If they go to a normal school they won’t be able to keep up  with everything they do and they don’t get homework at the special school. They understand their siblings more and have like a secret language and love each other. Like, some people with autism can’t walk so that’s one then some people can barely move but there are some that are able to like play basketball. At their special school they don’t have P.E. or don’t do exercise but they usually take field trips to stores so they can learn how to get a job and do it. So they aren’t the same but they can do so much more than we can’t do so they are more intelligent than you in a different way.

Rules By Eden

Life for children with sibling that have autism, can be very hard. It can be because the parents are neglectful. For example, Catherine’s parents would pay more attention to David when it came to simple things. Also, Gracie’s story with Mac running away into the forest, showed how much the parents care. Another example is how they can be bullied. First of all, Ryan would bully David. Second, Kristi called Catherine boring. Lastly, they can tend to be sad, but mature. For example, Gracie would say how she is mature for her age. Lastly, Catherine was like a second mom to David, and was very serious. In conclusion, I feel like children with siblings that have autism have a lot of good qualities, and can be very amazing friends.

Autism By Shelby

Having a sibling with Autism can be difficult. Cathrine always wished she had a normal brother. On page 61 she talks about how everyone expects a tiny bit from him and a whole lot from her. Another example is Grace’s presentation she said that she gets “Embarrassed” when her brother has tantrums out in public. Another example is Cathrine is waning to make her brother “Normal” by giving him rules. Example number one is how one of the rules she has is, “Take your shoes off at the doctor, not the dentist” Also in Grace’s presentation she talks about how she tries to make him normal, by teaching him how to do normal stuff, like Pokémon GO. I feel like people with Autism can get excluded. In Rosey Kings presentations she talked about how people were mean and excluded her. In the story movement, her family wanted to change her by fixing her even though it could take away her uniqueness and her skills. Even though having a sibling with autism can be hard they are family and will always be a part of your family.


Autism By Logan

Having a sibling with autism greatly effects the family. First Catherine always has to take care of David for her parents. She always feels embarrassed around other people when David is acting up.  Catherine is embarrassed by David when he is  screaming about his dad being late. Also Catherine doesn’t really want to be around David sometimes. Second, David effects the parents, it’s very hard for them to take care of him. Mom has to stay home with David, now the dad has to work more to get more money. The mom is always pushing David and making Catherine take care of him. Third, Catherine is always making rules for David so he can be more normal.

Catherine makes rules for David so he seems more normal to her friends. She thinks the rules with make him less embarrassing for her. In addition She makes him a new rule every time he does something she doesn’t like. Adding more and more rules makes is hard for him all to remember. All families go through stress, but it’s difficult kind of stress for them.



Autism by Annabelle

If we look into people with autism and other disabilities  I believe we will find that they have many strengths and gifts the are perception of “normal” people do not possess. Like Hanna’s dancing and her ability to memorize facts and numbers without trying. I believe if we explore autistic people’s minds we will find things we did not except to find. In the article herotribes Hans Asperger explores  artistic people’s minds and finds they have talents that are not visible to the blind eye. in the short story movement the doctor wants to operate on Hanna but he does not see she has wonderful talents that are all her own, he does not see that Hanna is a brilliant kid because she is non-verbal.