Cool Parents? by Max P.

Looking around my school you notice the effect trends have on the personality of those around us. Most of think the youth of society are mostly affected, but what about the adults? This same question was proposed in Andrew Reiners article, Parents you’re not doing your kids any favors by being “cool”.

This article explored the topic of whether or not being cool actually affected your children for the better. In My opinion, as a parent it is your job to discipline your child and set rules that you are the leader. Showing the same actions as teenagers will make your children think that they can treat you like there friend and not like an adult and wont follow the rules.

In Andrew Reiners article I think he was saying why it was unbeneficial. I agree with my personal experiences and I think that adults should not try to be friends with their child.


How I relate to Soda by Kelly


I Most relate to Soda Pop because I have an older sibling and a younger sibling, just like Soda.  I understand the frustration of having an older sibling, just like how soda got frustrated with Darry being so hard on pony.  My older brother joey and I are very close, but he can get annoying when he acts like he knows everything.   I also understand how it feels to have a younger sibling. Being protective over them, or getting annoyed with them.  My little sister Katie and I are close too, but she is extremely antagonistic and annoying, like little siblings are supposed to be.

The bond you have with an older sibling is completely looking up to them. Also looking to them for advice, and watching them and seeing how they react to certain situations so you can do the same.  I am always learning from my older siblings.  I tell my older brother Joey everything. I tell him things I’m upset about, what’s going on at school, what I had for lunch, he is my best friend and biggest supporter. Pony always I also Relate to being stuck in the middle, literally and metaphorically. Also how it can seriously suck.  Sometimes you feel like you have to choose sides when you really don’t want to, or even know that you shouldn’t.  Like when Darry and Pony were fighting and Soda got super frustrated because he felt like there was nothing he could do to help either of them.  I also relate to always giving advice when I can. I hate seeing people upset especially if I know there is something I could do to help that.  I want everyone to be happy because that makes me happy. I feel like Soda is the same way.  When Pony Boy Was jumped by the socs Soda was compassionate and made pony feel a lot better. In fact, Soda is always there for Pony to make him feel better.

Although Joey isn’t as bossy as Darry and Katie isn’t as intellectual as Pony, I can see similarities in our relationships compared to the three brothers.  However I see more differences than anything, in the story the Outsiders Pony and Darry are always disagreeing but Joey and Katie get a long great. I think in general my siblings and I get along a lot better than most siblings.  I’m glad about that too.

The Outsiders 6 Word Memoir

An innocent must be completely innocent. – Gigi

Being a pack isn’t being family. – Eva

Family by heart, conquering their fears. – Medha

Always see the Gold in Life. – Sanjeevani

Ponyboy is not the only outsider. – Max P.

Diverse yet the same but Family – Justin

Wealth or poverty still need love. – Jared

Thoughtless, reckless, endless hours of pleasure. – Bella

Growing up too fast from experiences. – Paige

Friends are life. Friends are love. – Alexis

Soda and I like helping others.- Kelly

Interview With My Dad by Gigi

I chose to interview my dad who grew up in the late 1960’s. My dad’s high school was a combination of two towns Brookfield (lower middle class) and riverside (upper class).   I interviewed him to see how universal The Outsiders is.

Q1. Where did you grow up?

A: I grew up in a suburb of Chicago called Brookfield.

Q2: What was your high school experience like?

A. I liked the change to high school. I was able to do more of what I was interested in.

Q3. What do you remember about cliques and stereotypes in high school?

A. Yes, it was mostly “jocks” the sports players, the theatre kids, and everyone else.

Q4. What type of music did you listen to?

A. Popular top 40 hits.

Q5. What was the fashion like?

A. I was a guy so it was just jeans and t-shirts.

Q6. What was popular clothing like vs. non popular peoples clothing like?

A. I don’t really remember much of that.

Q7. Did the two towns ever mix and the result was bad? Did it ever turn out good?

A. the 2 towns never really mixed

Q8. Were you an outsider?

A. yes

Q9. How were the two towns clothing different

A. i don’t remember much difference

Q10. Was there any interaction between the two towns outside of school?

A. yes there was interaction outside of school. i had friends that lived in Riverside

I think that the book was pretty universal and it could have happened anywhere. My dad’s high school experience was like the books because of the town separation. Like in the book there were was the upper class and lower middle class.

Does The Outsiders hold up in 2014? by Jared

The novel The Outsiders is a great story but does it have any meaning in today’s life? I believe The Outsiders can completely be related to 2014 children. The characters in the book are very relatable and realistic in terms of their thoughts. They think they are outsiders and they don’t fit in with the majority. In the school I go to there are cliques but no one goes to go beat someone up just because they feel like.

There are many characters in the book that are realistic such as Dally and how much blind fury fills him an example of this is on pg. 24 “You just didn’t tell Dally Winston what to do. One time, in a dime store, a guy told him to move over at the candy counter. Dally had turned around and belted him so hard it knocked loose a tooth. A complete stranger, too” (The Outsiders, S.E. Hinton) but enough about Dally let’s talk about Ponyboy. Ponyboy is emotional internally but tough externally who doesn’t think things through very often which is the typical teenager. I personally like Ponyboy because he likes to find out how things work or what they mean. For example, when he memorized the stay gold poem and he didn’t know what it meant until Johnny told him in the note. I also like his personality which is quiet and kind.

If comparing Ponyboy and modern day students I would say there isn’t much difference because everyone is their own person. Also, Ponyboy is just as much a person as you are except he wears different things then we would where today. That and he has different mindsets since he lives on the streets. An example of his different mindset is Ponyboy agreed with Dally that he should run away and chill in an abandoned church for a few days and then sneak back into society with blond hair so no one will ever realize it’s them.

Cliques and rival cliques don’t really happen today where I go to school. There are cliques but it looks like everyone to gets along. A reason this may be is because of all the adult supervision we get. Without adult supervision there could definite possibility that there would be violence. These different cliques were formed because everyone needed to find a place to fit in. Quite a few students still feel isolated and alone even though they have a clique and friends which is exactly what happened to a few characters throughout the book. For more on this topic go to only read the first page for everything on these topic but feel free to read on for its very interesting.

Greasers Unite! (through feelings) by Medha

S. E. Hinton has the main characters in The Outsiders show many emotions, and some of them were friendship, affection and loyalty. But how did she show them expressing it? Those characters were stereotypical hoodlums, and they were tough. They also didn’t have too much money and were relatively poor. They were called Greasers, and the three main ones were orphaned brothers since their parents died months back. Well, they are definitely friends if the gang (greasers) hung out together, so here’s how.

The greasers were very close, and they were even almost like family! Since their almost the only family they have left for each other, they have to stick together. Soda and Ponyboy always sleep together, since they are brothers, but when Ponyboy and Johnny ran away, they slept together, too. This reminds me of brotherhood for some reason, if they are comfortable enough to sleep together. They also have fun time together, such as playing football, wrestling, and having meals as a group. And since they are all such close friends, they show much affection throughout the course of the story, too.

There are many ways to tell someone you love them, and to keep reminding them that. But a bunch of greasers? Well, the Curtis brothers call each other sweet nick names like Pepsi-Cola for Sodapop, and Little Buddy for Ponyboy. This shows affection because nicknames are like a little code word that’s private between only a few people. Also, all the greasers look out for each other and protect each other from the Socs, a.k.a. the social rich kids. They like to make fun of the greasers and they also like to jump them, and that isn’t good. Also, when a greaser gets hurt their fellow greasers will take to the hospital. For example, when Ponyboy passed out with a fever, Two-Bit ran him to the hospital for care. Otherwise, things could have gotten worse. This also is similar to loyalty, and this is my next topic.

The greasers have to be very loyal to each other, too. If they are not, then they are a bickering bunch of distrustful people, like the Socs. For example, Dally shouldn’t have, but with his broken wrist, he went with his fellow greasers to help them fight at the rumble! This is very loyal because it wasn’t good for Dally’s health to go to the rumble, but he made a noble sacrifice just for his friends. Also, sweet, innocent Johnny killed Bob (a Soc) because Bob was trying to drown Ponyboy in a fountain. When you love your friend, then you’d do anything for them. Even though the Greasers are tough hoods, they have a heart, too.

In conclusion, the Greasers show much friendship, affection, and loyalty during the novel. How? Well, friendship: Everyone in the gang is a true friend to one another. Affection: every greaser loves each other very much and will care for them. Loyalty: every greaser will do anything for one another and help each other. Over all, the greasers show those three traits in their own ways that work for them, and that’s wonderful.

Taking a Glance Back at the 60’s – By Paige

I interviewed my grandma about what it was like back in the 60’s and found it interesting that cliques have always been around and actually learning more about her life. If you look at some of the questions, you can see that I compare it to The Outsiders. Another important event was that there was still a lot of racism and a lot of places were still segregated in that time period and it has impacted society today and something we can all learn from. I was also interested to hear from someone else’s point of view about the 60’s and how it impacted her life and how things have gotten better.

60's pics

How old were you in the 60’s? Where did you live?

In the 60’s I was 20 and lived in Georgia.

In The Outsiders, the main character Pony boy has a strong bond with his brothers. Did you have a good relationship with your siblings?

I had a very good relationship with my brothers and sisters and we could always rely on each other and have each other’s backs when the time was needed.

In The Outsiders, who you hung out with and what social class you were from, determined who you were. Did your social class affect who you were around?

Yes it did, and I was not around rich kids. I was around kids that had good mothers and fathers that worked hard that respected all the people and it just made it nice.

What types of cliques did you grow up around and were they the typical cliques that you see today?

The cliques I grew up around were kids that went to school and were learning and some of them had specialties in a lot of subjects. We were all about school and classes.

Were cliques segregated in the 60s? What were the cliques like in school?

The cliques were segregated and you were either one color black or white. All blacks went to one school. You had the typical kids who were really smart, outgoing, talented, etc.

I love 60's picture

What were some of the stereotypes in the 60s?

You had a lot of people who were a little on the selfish end and the people who had money other people didn’t like you.

Were you a Soc or a Greaser?

 I was a greaser because that was just how life was. I wasn’t rich and people worked hard, but we were just mediocre people.

In the book, the Socs and Greasers disliked each other and did not get along most of the time. Did all groups of people get along in the 60s?

It was kind of like that between blacks and whites. In the sixties, we had a lot of racism it was kind of bad but it did get better and a lot people did not get along.

What was it like to go to school as an African-American female?

I had an excellent education and was very intelligent for my age, but sometimes I was treated differently because of my race, but most of the time people treated me pretty good.