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American Born Chinese, page 194


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America Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang, Jin, the main character changes himself to fit in with his peers and changes in order to talk to Amelia. When he went to Mayflower Elementary, he was bullied because of his American Chinese heritage. Some people don’t like people that are dressed differently. First, he changes what he eats. Then changes his hair and then he completely changes into Danny. It is impossible to completely change who you are because you cannot escape your culture. It might be possible to change where you live or who you live with, but you can change things like celebrating the same holidays from where you’re from. Herbalist wife told Jin to forfeit his soul, which Jin didn’t do until he was mad and stressed about his looks and who he wanted to be. Jin later told the wife to change him into Danny so he could start talking to Amelia. So you should never change who you are because you are unique in your own way and there isn’t anyone the same in the whole world.